Mahalo (thank you) for your interest in designing a pattern with me! All pricing is custom according to your needs and the scope of the project. Click below to get started on your quote and I highly recommend reading through all the FAQs to get a clear idea of how this process works!
What is it?
Custom pattern design is exactly what it sounds like - we work together to create a completely custom repeating pattern to your specifications.
Who owns it?
I give you couple of options here:
1) An exclusive, unlimited license to use the work - You can make whatever you want for as long as you want with this license but you cannot license it to a third party or sell/give away the actual artwork files.
2) Full buyout - This gives you FULL control over the artwork - you can buy and license as you please. This option exists in perpetuity.
How does pricing work?
Pricing is determined by a couple of things: 
1) The complexity of the artwork (how long it will take to make)
2) How the art will be used (i.e. personal vs. business)
What happens once I fill out the form above?
After I've received your form, I'll send a more in depth questionnaire to gather more details about your project. Using those details, I'll create a custom quote for you. You can decide if you would like to make any changes to the scope of your project based on your budget. 
Once you are satisfied with your quote, I will send over a contract that outlines everything that we have agreed upon in the quote. 
Once the contract is signed, I will sign and send you a final copy along with an invoice for 50% of the total quoted price. This is non-refundable.
When the invoice is paid, we will get to work!
Can you describe the design process?
We will work in three phases. I anticipate that each phase will take one week or less to complete. At the end of each phase, I will send you a proof of the artwork we have so far for your approval. You have two rounds of edits at the end of the first and second phase. Once you approve the art, we will move forward to the next phase. This keeps us on track and saves time by not having to go back and correct things in later phases.

Phase 1: Motifs - These are the illustrations that will make up your pattern. I will create these in black and white first, and send them for your approval. Please note that if you want to add any motifs after Phase 1 that will be billed separately at $65/hr.

Phase 2: Color - I will create three color options for you based on the answers in your questionnaire and color the motifs with those colors. Choose the one that most closely aligns with your vision and add any notes for changes. Again, we will go through two rounds of color edits.

Phase 3: Pattern layout - This is where it all comes together! I will arrange the motifs into a repeating pattern and submit a draft for your approval. You will have three rounds of edits to make any changes you want to the pattern.

Wrapping up - Once you send in your final approval, I will send you the invoice for the remaining amount + any additional charges incurred. When payment is made, I will prepare your files and upload them to the portal.
Final Payment
Once you approve of the final files, I will send you the final invoice which will include any additional work that was done beyond the scope of the initial quote (i.e. extra edits). When the invoice is paid, I will prepare and send your files to you, and we're done!
General FAQs
How long will it take to make my pattern? 
Each phase usually takes a week or less to complete, so 3 weeks max per pattern

​​​​​​​I understand that sometimes life happens and you may need to pause work on your project. If that happens, please let me know as soon as possible. If your project goes more than 30 days without any forward progress or significant activity from your end, and no prior arrangements have been made with me, your project will be put on hold and all associated files will be archived. Once your project has been archived, a $100.00 reactivation fee is required to restart your project and your project will be scheduled into my current workflow where space is available.”
You can cancel the project at any time. Please keep in mind that the initial payment is non-refundable, and you will not have any rights to any work presented to you.
What if we need to purchase 3rd party fonts or other digital assets?
I will pay for my own license. If you plan on using the asset yourself in other projects you must purchase the license yourself.
Mahalo for taking the time to read and understand all this information! Mention the code "DIDMYREADING" in one of our emails for 10% off your total invoice amount for our first project together (returning clients can also take advantage of this discount one time.)
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